When the planner breaks,

the production breaks as well.

The success depends on planning.

These days ability to adapt fast to customer requirements is vital.

If you are unable to produce with the highest productivity and at the lowest costs, you are losing customers to your competitors, produce less than you could sell and suffer downtimes and massive delivery problems.

Spend too much time planning?

Creating a plan, even for the most sophisticated production system, should be a matter of minutes and not hours. Only that allows you to adapt rapidly to unexpected changes in orders, market demands, supplies, or malfunctions.

There is a limit to human capabilities.

Sometimes significant product portfolio and complex production processes make it impossible for planners to find the best possible plan every time. It takes too long to consider the real-time status of every warehouse, stock, and shop floor resource.

Why is the planner’s work so difficult?

Everyday planner answers tons of questions to management, sales, purchasing and production departments. The only way to provide optimal efficiency andto avoid the mistakes that arise from haste and stress planner should be choosing the best plan from precomputed options and not generating an arbitrary plan manually.

Is automatic planning even possible?

Planning of a complex production resembles a chess game. Only the great masters can foresee tens of moves. AI systems, on the other hand, can foresee thousands of steps, in slivers of a second. For such systems, production planningis a much easier task than winning a chess game.

Plansphere - superfast control and agility.

Plansphere offers managers and planners automated production planning at the speed of light. Plansphere takes into account all related processes, regardless of your industry branch, production processes, or product portfolio. It can cope with thousands of variants and finds the best plan, which even a large team of planners would never be able to do.

Everything in 30 seconds.

Plansphere considers management goals, whether to produce with maximal productivity or as cost-efficient as possible. It can adapt to unexpected circumstances immediately. At any time, computed plans rely on the actual level of raw materials and supplies.

Plansphere connects everything.

Plansphere connects to all IT systems. And it takes into account all restrictions on work orders, machines, workforce,due dates, material availability and supplies.

By making the most extensive plan possible in just minutes, you can offer more products in a shorter time and be extremely competitive.

How to plan 500 times faster?

Case study


In a manufacturing company, the planning process became more and more complicated due to the continuous growth of a business. They spent significant time on planning due to manual consolidation of work orders and data from various programs.

Eventually, the related work became too much for the planning department, and production operations started tosuffer from inefficiencies and inconsistencies. Costly errors started to happen regularly, and the management could not get a grip on the root causes.


The Result d.o.o. team developed and implemented Plansphere in the company. Plansphere now enables automatic production planning and automatic control of execution and supplies. It automatically checks all possible plans and chooses the best one for the current state of machines, supplies and orders. Planners can check the status at any time and even adapt the plan in case of change of strategy or unexpected events.


The final result is exceptional time savings, up to several weeks per month.

Constant verification of the current status brought costly errors down significantly. Planners can always adapt plans to the strategy and needs.

Management, sales, procurement, and production always have a complete overview of the situation, which enables almost instantaneous adaptation to external changes and significant savings of resources and assets. The door to further growth is open again.

How can Plansphere help you?

Plansphere is a verified real-life solution, suitable for fast-growing companies with complex production systems and product portfolios. To find out about our customer cases, their time savings and optimal utilisation of production capacity, schedule a presentation.

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